RiverWitch Apothecary: meet the founder

Michelle Axe (MTI DipHE, ITEC DipHE, BSc (HONS), DipHE (YCD), NCH Dip) is the founder and owner of River Witch Apothecary. Currently studying for her Advanced Masters Herbalist Diploma, as well as a diploma in the making and development of organic herbal remedies and cosmetics.

Here, Michelle talks about the brand, her beliefs and what makes River Witch Apothecary.

“I’ve practiced the art of Hedgerow Herbalism since early childhood – a passion which has stayed with me throughout my life, and one I have developed over the last 50-years.

An experienced life coach and multi-faceted therapist, I’m also known as The RiverWitch, and have built a reputation as a professional practitioner. I wrote the bestselling book ‘Beyond the Blood Red Cave’, and am also a glass artist, founder and joint head of the Order of Gwyddon, running the Spirit of Awen Camps, and the Ancient Goddess Retreats.

“RiverWitch Apothecary was born as a direct consequence of the COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020. Having always enjoyed making lotions, beauty products and natural remedies, many people began contacting me to create perfumed oils, balms for joint pain and more.

Understanding many people were now looking towards self-care remedies following the national lockdown, I decided to launch an online shop so that everyone could benefit from my lotions and potions.

“Understanding that it is sacred alchemy, I gather flowers, roots, leaves and other natural ingredients; often singing over the healing brews as they’re created.

Having been taught to do this from a child, singing your intent into natural remedies is an old tradition and ensures the focus and intent of the brew is blessed and full of extra universal magic. This might sound different; but it works.

“Over the years, I have made lotions, potions, ointments and creams for a wide variety of people; which included selling them throughout shops in Bath as well as up and down the country at festivals and markets.

Everything is made with natural, organic and sustainable ingredients – being as sensitive as possible to the environment, ensuring all the items are packaged in biodegradable and/or recyclable materials. Every product available within the shop was originally created for personal use. I create all the products, as if they’re for myself, family or friends.

While the products available are designed to help with the ailments, conditions, stresses, anxieties and pain that each item has been specifically labelled for, we must state they should not be viewed as a replacement for any form of medication or treatments as prescribed by a medical doctor.

RiverWitch Apothecary aims to provide a therapy without the high.”

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All our products were originally created for personal use. Everything is created to help with ailments, conditions, stresses, anxieties and small pain.

We’re here to heal and lavish.