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Delicious chocolate and really helps relax you for a good nights sleep especially during stressful times – amazing!

A King

I have had lifelong issues with getting a good night’s sleep, and this is naturally worse if I’m in pain, unwell or stressed out and this product helps every time for me.

Helps absolutely anyone feel more relaxed and makes a great evening drink, I would recommend to all!


I absolutely love this product and as someone with a chronic pain condition it is a part of my pain management routine now.

The muscle and joint fatigue and aching I generally feel can be very painful so I have tried many different muscle rub and/or joint pain products and this is easily the best thing I have ever tried.

After I use this product my pain is always very much improved and I’d recommend it to everyone as incredibly calming and soothing.

Josie Lee

I am very impressed with Michelle and her products and highly recommended both.

She will rapidly reply to any queries and post your purchases, which are safely and beautifully wrapped.

I have daily pain due to damage to my spine caused when I was a child and worsened by my pregnancy 33 years ago. I am an open minded sceptic where CBD is concerned having tried shop bought mass produced forms before which were of little use.

I’m allopathically trained. With taking Michelle’s CBD drops regularly I have been able to cut down my use of strong pain killers. On less demanding days I’ve been able to do without them all together. It also helps with my anxiety and poor sleep also made worse by pain.

The Muscular Aches and Painful Joints oil works well too.

The rollerball scents are lovely and handy for keeping in your pocket or handbag.

I especially like Dream Time, Azahar and Athanasia.

The Enchanted Garden scented candle is wonderful too.


I’ve now purchased 3 different fragrance of river witch perfumed oil. it is truly divine .

everyone comments when I wear it.

I highly recommend you won’t be disappointed.

Makes a wonderful present if you’re stuck for yule ideas.

Thank you River Witch

Jools Raven Stewart

I cannot praise highly enough RiverWitch’s CBD oil & the Muscular aches & joint oil. Before using I was in constant pain & discomfort, I can now move better without as much pain & my awful muscle spasms have calmed considerably. Just purchased more & will continue to do so. Do try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Ayleen Tiggy Pilling

It’s lovely, I recommend this product, ‘OTRERA’ I have greasy skin and have tried lots of products, but this suits me and also has healing powers, my skin looks good and clear

Deborah Pepperell

I love this gel, (OTRERA), use it twice a day. It is so lovely and my skin drinks it!! Recommended for sure!!

Frances Mancktelow

So I tried this , the White Choco-Pollen, for the first time today …. and oh my it was lovely …… so creamy and tasty ….. totally recommend….. and I don’t like white chocolate I thought!

Verity Wilde

All of these wonderful products…. where to start!

But I have to tell you all about the CBD oil. For the last few months we have been using this oil on a 98 year old gentleman with dementia. We thought we would try it as he was becoming quite disturbed during the night, up and down, not getting the rest he needed. Well that changed very quickly to settled nights, such a relief all round. But then we realised that he now very rarely complained of back pain and headaches in the morning as well!

I would like to thank Michelle for ensuring that we always get what we need quickly and efficiently so that we can get on with the job of keeping him safe and happy. Also for everyone else you have helped along the way.

Fiona Ross-Scott

I can’t recommend the CBD oil and the Muscular Aches and Pailful Joints Oil for muscles and joints enough. Michelle helped me with a 36 mile charity walk I was doing and used her oil on my legs, knees and feet. I had been suffering from various issues that had made training for the walk painful. The oil made a massive difference and I didn’t experience any of my training issues and my recovery from the walk was quick and easy because I continued to use the oil after. My husband is now using the oil on his shoulder and knees and my father in law used it for his shoulder issues with really good results. Excellent product, well recommended.

I received my magic skin balm with added CBD oil to help with the itching due to my skin eczema problem. It is a great product and really helps with all the sore skin.

Giovanni Brambilla

I tried the CBD oil and the muscle and joint pain oil today. Absolutely fantastic results. . . I suffer from hip and knee damage coupled with sciatica, and walking is often agonizing. After using both products I managed a woodland walk of three miles. I found my pain level significantly reduced, and my movement was easier. I am delighted with the results so far.

Amazing results

Suzi Edwards

Having recently invested in 30ml bottle of 10% CBD I couldn’t be happier.

Michelle Axe at The River Witch Apothecary and her knowledge of plants, plant lore and how they continue to help and heal us is beyond many.

She will happily discuss your needs, as she did for me, and whether you choose to follow her suggestions is up to you but you won’t be sorry or disappointed if you do.

As a small business she needs our help to thrive, as she attempts to help us thrive too.

Why not ask her your questions and listen to a wonderful lady who is knowledgable, impartial, loving and empathetic …

Sent with love and thanks for continued good health

Pam ‘Pinky’ Pinkerton

Hi, received by muscular and joint oil last week, i’ve tried loads of oils for my joint pain but with no improvement but what a lovely oil this is and naturally made, what a increase of pain relief i’ve had. I can highly recommend this oil not only for its medicinal properties but also for it’s smell ,I had problems paying for the product but michelle was so helpful it was a pleasure to deal with her i would highly recommend this product and shop. Amazing x

Jackie Jacob

You should try Michelle’s magical hot chocolate. Best sleep ever!

K. Sanderson

The Muscular Aches & Painful Joints Oil “does wonders for my rebuilt shoulder!

D. Cunnington

We are using the wonderful oil which is helping with my knee injury and Paul’s frozen shoulder. Highly recommend the oil both for swelling and pain, it smells divine. Will be trying some of the other products very soon.

K. Iles

Beautiful tasting choco pollen drink – mmmmm very yummy and does exactly as it says, relaxes and aids a great night sleep! Thank you Riverwitch for your wonderful ‘potion’.

S Watkins

I’ve been using the muscular aches and painful joints oil for some weeks now. Ive muscle/tendon damage to my hips and can’t get treatment on the NHS at the moment. Being a cynic I’ve tried it on one leg and not the other. The difference between the 2 was huge. The treated leg almost pain free for many hours. I also stopped using it for a couple weeks and then started using it again. It was at that point that I realised ( I’m a slow learner) that no matter what pain relief I take orally there is little effect. But if I use the oil rub before I go to bed I get a good nights sleep plus the label stays perfectly readable even when smothered in oil – which is great I’m not exaggerating when I say that this has improved my life Significantly Amazing results”

J. Sanderson

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