Dear RiverWitch customers, thank you for your interest and custom, please find for your information the terms and conditions that apply to the RiverWitch Apothecary and for the website.

Everything that you order will be personally handmade/blended by me – where possible. All of my products, where possible, are made with natural, organic and sustainable ingredients. I will always try to be as sensitive as possible to the environment and ensure that again, where possible, all of my items as packaged in biodegradable and/or are recyclable.

All of my products were originally developed for my own personal use. So everything that I am selling is made in the same way that I have always made them for me, family and for friends. My products are aimed at helping with the ailments, conditions, stresses, anxieties and pain, as well as for beauty and personal hygiene. Each item is specifically and clearly labelled accordingly, providing all ingredients and the content amount.

Please be aware that because my products as handmade/blended, items may vary from batch to batch, in colour, scent and sometimes taste, but this should not affect or detract from the actual properties of each product. The amount and measurement of each of the ingredients used will always remain the same unless otherwise stated. However, because my products are handmade/blended, I am bound to say as way of a disclaimer, that they should not be viewed as a replacement for all or any form of medication/treatment prescribed by your Doctor.

All prices are inclusive of package and postage costs within the UK unless otherwise stated and/or by personal arrangement. Any offers advertised will be marked against the relevant products with clear timings provided relating to the duration of the offer.

Your payments are protected via VivaWallet and your consumer rights should at no point be affected regardless of your choice and method of payment.

Delivery will be by standard first class postage and will usually take between 2-5 days to reach you, unless otherwise stated and/or due to circumstances out of and beyond my control. In such instances I will contact you to ensure you are aware and happy to continue with the purchase. The Lovers Candles may take up to 14-days to deliver, as we may have to make a new set from scratch. All orders over £45 will be shipped with free delivery.

Should you wish to return any products please email me as soon as possible providing the details for wanting to do so. Products must be returned within 7 days of purchasing and or receipt of goods and where possible the item must not have been opened, tampered with and or used. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with a product, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email and or in writing and I will do my upmost to remedy the problem and where necessary/appropriate, offer a replacement or will provide a full refund.



“That which Nurishes and Heals can also Poison”

If you are unsure PLEASE DO NOT buy/use any of my products. If you have an illness, allergies, are pregnant, or on specific medication for any conditions, then PLEASE CHECK the ingredients carefully, ALWAYS ASK, if you are unsure and PLEASE CHECK with your Doctor/hospital before using. I am not a Doctor, I use, where possible, natural and organic botanicals and other ingredients.

PLEASE use common sense, you are at all times responsible for your personal choices and the decision to buy and use my products and therefore do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. In choosing to buy and use RiverWitch Apothecary products, you are exercising your own informed consent and are agreeing to the terms and conditions relating to the RiverWitch Apothecary website and all products bought and used as stated within the Terms and Conditions.

I am more than happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability. It only leaves me to say that I hope you enjoy and benefit from your RiverWitch Apothecary purchases and thank you for your custom…


Michelle Axe
The RiverWitch Apothecary.