Athanasia Perfume Oil


Based on an ancient perfume from the Bronze Age, the Athanasia Perfume is approximately 5500-years old.

Sacred to the priestess of the temples, and dedicated to the Goddess of the Double Headed Axe; Athenasia, the perfume signifies eternal life and sacred femininity.


Athanasia is based on an ancient perfume from bronze age Crete, approx 5500yrs old.

Sacred to the priestess of the temples and dedicated to the Goddess. I have name this perfume for the Goddess of the Double headed Axe, Athenasia, Goddess of the sacred feminine, of eternal life and immortality.

I have followed the original recipe as closely as possible, using a based rose petal oil which was stared over 30yrs ago. Into the base oil, ground frankincense, myrrh and fresh rose petals was infused and then added to a selection of aromatic and spice essential oils.

This is a wonderfully sensual oil that, like all perfume oils, can be a strong scent when first placed onto the skin, but then settles leaving a luxurious and magical aroma.

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