Kingfisher sun-catcher


Kingfisher sun-catcher


All glasswork is made by hand and blend together a variety of exciting glasses and techniques, including fusing and traditional enamelling. These are one-off items, unique and timeless.

The Kingfisher is hand cut and created with a combination of fused transparent glass, with hand painted detail and the Magical Dichroic Glass to add that special bit of sparkle and magic. Hang by the attached gold plated bail and the gold thread  as a magical sun-catcher or tree decoration.

Even though I may repeat a popular design, no one piece of my jewellery can ever be replicated due to the kiln and hand made process, thus creating truly individual pieces for you to buy, own and wear. I only use quality glass and all of my brooches are beautifully boxed.


All items are made to order.

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Weight .7 kg

Red Hare, Purple Hare, Green Hare, Blue Hare, Red Fox, Blue Confetti Goddess, Green Confetti Goddess, Pink Confetti Goddess, Black Confetti Goddess, Red Confetti Goddess, Kingfisher, Robin


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